Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for my ticket when using the bus?

Many Transport Providers will allow you to use your bank card, providing it has a contactless symbol. All you have to do is board the bus and tell the driver where you’d like to go. Then tap your method of payment onto the reader, take your ticket, find a seat and enjoy your ride. Some Transport Providers will also have their own apps that may allow you to buy tickets in advance. Failing that, cash is still accepted on most Essex buses.

Can I get live bus information for arrivals and service information?

Our Live Bus Map will show live bus tracking information, where it is available. Simply navigate to your part of Essex to see where your bus is.

How do I know what Transport Provider runs in my area?

Our Discover Buses feature will allow you to search your local bus stop and see which bus services operate in your area.

What ticket options are there for using the bus?

Transport Providers have many ticket options to suit you, to find their details visit our Transport Provider page.

Do I need to hail a bus stop?

Usually you do not have to hail a bus. Most bus drivers would stop when they see people waiting, however to be on the safe side...stretch your arm out and hail the bus from your local stop.

Does the TravelEssex site support journeys into and out of Essex?

Our site features cross-boundary routes, providing the bus service starts or finishes in Essex.

Why are you asking for permission to access my location?

We need this permission to allow you to plan a journey from your ‘current location’ and to show you your live location on the interactive map. If you choose not to share your location you will have to enter your current location manually each time you plan a journey. You also won’t be able to see your current location on any of the interactive maps.

How can I download the app?

You can download the app from the AppStore or the PlayStore.

What is Demand Responsive Transport?

Demand Responsive Transport or 'DRT' is a type of transport which changes its route based off of demand.

How do I favourite Bus Stops, Services and P&Rs?

You can add Bus Stops, Services and P&Rs to your favourites when viewing the content.

Where can I view my favourited Bus Stops, Services and P&Rs?

You can view your favourites by navigating from main menu bar at the top of the page.
They are stored in your browser so please ensure you use the same browser.

Safeguarding - How do I report somebody at risk or harm?

If you have contacted us about a safeguarding issue regarding the actions of an adult which puts a child at risk of harm on transport, this will be prioritised for immediate action through the appropriate channels. If an incident requires immediate attention, please follow the process on our website: Report a concern about a child - Essex County Council.

Local Bus Services - Where do I report a problem with my journey?

Essex County Council does not regulate bus services – only a  small percentage of bus services or routes are run with financial support from Essex County Council. These are shown on our supported local bus services page. The Traffic Commissioner is responsible for the licensing and regulation of bus operators. If you have an operational question about local bus services – such as missed journeys or punctuality issues -  please contact the Transport Provider (Operator) in the first instance.

Upcoming bus timetable changes can be found on this page: bus timetable changes.

Education Transport Services - How do I apply for education transport?

If you have a question about the operational aspect of existing transport arrangements, please contact your Transport Provider in the first instance. The following link gives further information on how to apply for education transport and what to expect if new to transport: Transport Guidance.

If your enquiry is regarding a lost or damaged ticket please contact your Transport Provider directly – they will be able to advise on next steps.

If you are contacting us to advise of a new address, please contact:

 Please see the links below which may help you with you with any other enquiries:

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