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From busy Town Centre stops that have shelters and raised kerbs to a pole/flag on a quiet country lane, Essex County Council looks after over 5,000 marked stops in the county. Our TravelEssex brand is making its way onto them too, as we continue with yearly maintenance and installs schemes on our bus network.

Real-time screens

Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays are available at around 500 bus stops throughout Essex and provide passengers with information on their services.

How to read our timetables

Printed roadside information

Around 3,000 bus stops in Essex have printed information. Each timetable includes a list of bus services which serve that stop. Departure times are shown in three sections: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Electronic information (including real-time screens)

On real-time screens, or within the TravelEssex mobile app, you can see departure times in two formats:

  • In minutes (e.g. 6 mins) - A countdown in minutes (shown in green on the TravelEssex app) is for buses which are being live tracked via GPS.

  • In the 24 hour clock (e.g. 10:55) - A countdown with a specific time (shown in black on the TravelEssex app) are departures of services not being tracked so they are shown as timetable information by the transport provider, taking the form of the 24-hour clock. With an untracked vehicle, once the departure time passes it will disappear from the display whether the bus has arrived or not.

Reporting issues

If you notice a problem with one of our bus stops, whether that is a visual issue with one of our electronic real-time screens or some physical damage to a bus stop, please get in touch via:



Telephone: 0345 7430 430

X, formerly Twitter: @TravelEssexNews

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