Bus Shelters in Essex

Introduction to the Essex-wide Bus Shelter Project

In collaboration with Clear Channel UK (CCUK), Essex County Council is launching an exciting scheme to upgrade, maintain, and expand bus shelter infrastructure across Essex. This 10-year contract aims to create a sustainable, modern, and consistent bus shelter network that enhances the experience for all bus users. Through this partnership, we will provide better facilities, aim to increase the use of public transport, and support our goal of creating a Safer, Greener, Healthier Essex.

Essex County Council will invest £3 million in the first year of the Contract to upgrade and install a range of new bus shelters across Essex that are fit for the future. This significant investment ensures that residents benefit from improved facilities, making public transport more comfortable and attractive.

The initiative is a collaboration with ten District, Borough, and City councils, ensuring a unified approach to bus shelter management and improvement across Essex. The Councils involved in this collaboration are: Basildon, Braintree, Brentwood, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Rochford and Tendring

By bringing together this collaboration, we aim to create a consistent look and feel for bus shelters throughout Essex, making public transport more appealing and accessible for everyone. Whether you are looking for bus routes, bus shelters, or bus timetables in Essex, TravelEssex is committed to providing the best possible service.

Where are these new shelters going to be? 

Simply visit our interactive map below to see plans for the upgrading and replacement of shelters and when they are due to occur. This will be periodically updated. The interactive map shows all bus shelters owned by Essex County Council within this Contract.

You can also report an issue with a shelter by finding it on the map, clicking on the icon, and then clicking on the link.

How to report an issue

We understand that not all bus shelters are perfect and there may be an issue, Essex County Council has a quick and easy way to report a problem with your local bus shelter, ensuring that a resolution is found quickly. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Online Form: Visit the Tell us page, fill out the form with details about the problem, the location of the shelter, and any additional information that might help us address the issue quickly.

  2. Phone: Call our customer service line on 0345 603 7631. Provide the location and details of the issue, and our team will ensure it is logged and addressed promptly.

Shelter specifications

All shelters installed through this new Contract will, at minimum, have:

  • A consistent look and feel

  • Seating

  • Motion sensor lighting

  • An integrated bus flag and timetable case, thereby removing street clutter

  • A clear space for a pram or wheelchair

  • Contrasting mid-rail and seating colour to support accessibility

  • Option to integrate real-time screens, where they are provided

  • TravelEssex branding

How to request a shelter

We understand the importance of having accessible and convenient bus shelters. If you believe there is a need for a new or replacement bus shelter in your area, you can submit a request via the Local Highways Panel process.

Initially, residents should raise this with their local County / District / City / Borough Member or their Parish Council who will then process the request on their behalf.  This will then go through the process and will require the support of the relevant County Member to progress.

Once the County Member has agreed to support the request then they will submit the scheme for validation. Each request will be validated to ascertain if there are any obvious issues that mean the scheme cannot be delivered. Once validated, the scheme will be reviewed by the panel and if suitable will be recommended to progress.

By following these steps, we can ensure that the bus shelter network provides comfort, safety, and convenience for every bus journey. Thank you for supporting TravelEssex in our mission to improve public transport across the county.

FAQ's - Residents

Why are we doing this?

  • We want to offer more and better bus shelters for existing and prospective bus passengers.  This will help attract more passengers to use buses – all while leveraging commercial income to fund the initiative, removing the burden from the taxpayer.

How long is the Essex-wide Bus Shelter Contract being let for?

  • The Contract, awarded to Clear Channel, will run for a 10-year period, with a 5 year extension option, to provide long-term stability for Essex residents and the Council.  It will also ensure sufficient payback period for the investment we are making into this important facility for residents.

How do I request a new or replacement Bus Shelter?

  • To request a new or replacement bus shelter, residents should raise this with their local County / District / City / Borough Member or their Parish Council who will then process the request on their behalf.  This will then go through the Local Highways Panel process and will require the support of the relevant County Member to progress.

I’d like to report an issue with a Bus Shelter, how do I do this?

  • All issues are to be reported via the ReportIt tool – please provide as much detail as you can and pictures of the issue (e.g. broken glass panel).  Our interactive map is a handy source of information for precise location details and a What3Words reference.

 Does Essex County Council now own all Bus Shelters in Essex?

  • Essex County Council owns the majority of shelters in Essex, following the commencement of the new Essex-wide Bus Shelter Contract on 1 July 2024.  However, some shelter remain owned and maintained by Parish/Town Councils. The Bus Shelters that Essex County Council owns are all displayed on our interactive map.

 Why is my local Shelter not shown on the Interactive Map?

  • Shelters not shown on the interactive map are not owned by Essex County Council.  It is likely that your local Parish/Town Council owns and maintains the shelters.  Any issues or concerns with those shelters should be directed to the relevant Parish/Town Council and you can find their contact details here.

 How quickly are issues resolved?

  • There are two types of issues – urgent and non-urgent.

    • Urgent issues are usually resolved or made safe same day, including items such as:

      • Smashed glass in shelters or on the pavement

      • Road traffic accidents involving shelters

      • Unstable structure

      • Obstruction of the Highway

    • Non-urgent issues are usually resolved within 20 working days, including items such as:

      • Graffiti on bus shelters

      • General cleaning of shelters

      • General low-level repairs

 When is my local shelter going to be cleaned?

  • All Shelters that Essex County Council owns will receive a deep clean annually as a minimum, under the new Bus Shelter Contract.  The new contract commenced on 1 July 2024 and therefore within the year all shelters will have been attended to.  Any specific issues, including any health and safety concerns, should be raised via the ReportIt tool.

 Why does Colchester have more Shelter replacements in the first year of the Contract than other areas of Essex?

  • With Clear Channel as the appointed supplier for the Essex-wide Bus Shelter Contract, this means that JC Decaux, who have approximately 100 shelters, are exiting the Colchester area.  It is necessary to replace those to maintain shelter provision for residents in the local area.  All of JC Decaux’s shelters are due to be removed within the first year of the Contract.

 When will my local Shelter be replaced?

  • The first year of replacements and upgrades has been published on our interactive map; showing over 200 shelters going into the ground this year.  This is a significant early investment as part of the 10-year contract with Clear Channel.  There are around 1,400 shelters as part of the contract, and we will aim to publish a rolling install programme as a part of this.

 Isn’t this really about making money from advertising and every shelter will be covered in adverts?

  • Not at all – the primary reason for implementing this contract is to provide an improved bus shelter estate for residents, that are sustainable and consistently good quality.

    Sustainability not only includes environmental aspects, but also economic.  All income that the Council receives from advertising through this contract is ringfenced and spent solely on bus infrastructure costs across the County.

    Most shelters within the Contract are non-advertising and the overall number of sites that will display adverts is notably reducing compared to pre-contract levels.

FAQ's - Parish/Town Council

I would like to buy a new or replacement Shelter for my Parish; how do I go about that?

  • In the first instance, please follow the Local Highways Panel process for Members and submit your request with as much information as possible.  Each request, if supported by the County Member, will be validated before being presented to the Panel.

I wish to raise an issue or flag damage to a bus shelter owned by Essex County Council; how do I do that?

  • All issues are to be reported via the ReportIt tool – please provide as much detail as you can and pictures of the issue (e.g. broken glass panel).  Our interactive map is a handy source of information for precise location details and a What3Words reference.

 Do you still offer a wooden shelter option?

  • Yes we do – for instances where a Parish or Town Council wishes to purchase, own, and maintain a Shelter.  For Shelters, that Essex County Council owns, this will typically be a metal and glass shelter.

 How does funding work for a Parish/Town Council shelter?

  • For Shelters that will be owned and maintained by a Parish or Town Council, funding could come from a range of sources.  For example, the Parish Council may fund it from their own reserves, or seek Local Highways Panel funding, or agree to share the cost.

FAQ's - Developers

As a Developer, can I purchase Bus Shelters and other bus roadside infrastructure via the new arrangements?

  • Yes you can!  We encourage and require this approach to ensure a consistent and equitable estate across the County.  Please contact your Development Manager engineer who can supply more information, the team to contact and how to secure a quote.

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